Manual and Instrument Release Techniques

Acitve Release Technique (ART) and Graston Technique (Instrument Release) are soft tissue and movement based techniques using either the hands, ART, or an instrument, Graston. These techniques are used Frontline Spine & Sport to treat overuse injuries and chronic dysfunction.

Overuse injuries occur to the soft tissue in many different ways, including acute pulls, tears, and collisions, to prolonged position, like sitting at a desk all day. All of this leads to a lack of oxygen to the involved structures. As a result, the body will cause dense, fibrotic (scar-like) tissue to the affected areas, known as adhesion. Adhesion prevents the affected area from proper movement and function. Sometimes nerves can also be entrapped and cause pain, numbness, and weakness.

In order to properly diagnose and treat the problem area, a patient will be put through several movement assessments. Once specific structures are targeted and diagnosed, treatment will begin with either ART, or Graston, depending on the area being treated. After treatment patients will be put through the same movement assessments prior to treatment to check the result of treatment. Effective treatment results in immediate improvement felt by the patient.