How We Help:

All pain is not always as simple as just a bone being out of place. Most cases have developed over time and require more than just a “quick fix.” Through complete Functional Assessment, we can narrow down the exact problem and the exact tissue(s) that need to be fixed. Manual Therapy (Manual Adhesion Release and Active Release Techniques), Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR), Corrective Exercise, or a combination of all three may be needed to fix your problem! Better diagnosis in our office, means better treatment, and better results for you!

The Solution Is In The Soft Tissues:

Addressing the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, fascia) allows us to fill a huge missing component of musculoskeletal pain and movement dysfunctions. You can injure your soft tissues acutely from excessive force our trauma, or slowly over time through repetitive motions.

The body answers soft tissue damage with inflammation to begin the repair process. This process creates new fibers to repair the damage which results in scar tissue and adhesion. Over time, this hinders and alters movement and load distribution which then frequently leads to pain and inflammation… and the cycle continues. Frontline Spine & Sport focuses our diagnosis and treatment protocol on these root causes of pain, poor movement, misalignment and overall discomfort.

The formula is quite simple. Healthy Load results in, Healthy tissue, which results in Healthy Movement. Healthy Movement is ultimately what we strive to achieve to be healthy. Frontline Spine & Sport is proud to be the Soft-Tissue Expert’s in the Quad Cities and surrounding area.

If you think you have, or are struggling with pain call our office at 309-755-2311 or request an appointment online.